By Katherine Hoerth

Borderlands Mujeres

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Borderland Mujeres is a collaborative, bilingual conversation in poetry and art depicting the multifaceted experiences of women living in the borderlands of deep south Texas through poetry and art. In this fraught political climate, much has been written about the Rio Grande Valley and U.S/Mexico border, but what about the people who call this place home? Three women, each with a different relationship to the borderlands, come together the offer their vision of the cultural, linguistic, and ecological landscape of a region that is full of both majestic beauty and stark reality from insiders’ perspectives. The resulting poems and images explore what it means to be a woman living in this contested space from different mediums, angles, and voices. This project hopes to spark questions and conversation about identity, feminisms, and the idea of collaboration/ekphrasis in art and poetry.


Katherine Hoerth, Poet/Translator

Julieta Corpus, Poet/Translator

Corinne McCormack Whittemore, Artist

Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots

Lamar University Literary Press, 2014

Winner of the Helen C. Smith Award from the Texas Institute of Letters


"Every poem in Katherine Hoerth’s Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots is a fresh gust of wind. In this stunning collection, Hoerth deconstructs the complexity of femininity, and the steep binary that makes feminine beauty both dangerous and powerful, sinful and godly. These poems are effortlessly steeped in nature and mythology, and each is as satisfying as Eve’s first taste of forbidden fruit."


--Amanda Stoltz for PANK

The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue

Angelina River Press, 2018

"Katherine Hoerth's vision of mythical women stretches to the moon and back. These giantesses rollick, gallop, swim, sass and morph, cutting their own paths before the eyes of astonished men. Experiencing the antics of such mega-women as Slue Foot Sue, Lobo Girl, and Serena finds us re-aware of the ancient myth-making practice and delighting in Hoerth's imaginative flair for exercising the art. Her womenfolk tickle our fancy with a giant feather."


--Jan Seale, 2012 Texas Poet Laureate

The Garden Uprooted

Slough Press, 2012

"With her deft, sensuous, jaunty, and vital poems Katie Hoerth makes a smart debut in The Garden Uprooted. From "How To Marry a Prince" to "Breakfast with Fur" to "Not the Sonnet You Dream Of," the poet mixes fairy tale images with visceral descriptions in this sexy--and crafted--first book that keeps turning preconceptions inside out."
 Molly Peacock, author of The Paper Garden and The Second Blush

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